Artificial intelligence is at the service of man and must put man first…

Modern artificial intelligence is a branch of computer science that aims to develop systems capable of simulating cognitive processes and learning from data. Some of the major models of artificial intelligence used today include :

  1. Deep neural networks (Deep Learning): These models inspired by the human brain are capable of learning to extract complex information from unstructured data, such as images, texts or sounds.
  2. Natural Language Processing algorithms : These LLM-type models (Large Language Models) allow machines to understand and generate human language, thus facilitating the analysis and understanding of texts.
  3. Recommandation systems : These models use algorithms to offer personalized recommendations based on users’ preferences and past behaviors.

Artificial intelligence has many different use cases. Once again Hurence will favor use cases that consist of personalizing interactions with customers, offering precise recommendations and responding to requests in real time in advanced chatbots. We also use it for process automation, repetitive tasks or for detecting anomalies in complex industrial processes. We have also used these techniques in the interpretation of medical images and in the analysis of LIDAR images for the prediction of landslides.

In summary, here too, these technologies have infinite use cases and these technologies are constantly improving to offer us incredible uses. Who would have thought that much of the text on this website would have been generated by artificial intelligence? But it’s the plain truth…

At Hurence, we have always been passionate about AIs. From our early years designing expert systems to our less young years experimenting with machine learning in NLP, of which we are experts, we have been enjoying the latest advances with LLMs (Large Language Models) and their successive generations. We have many business projects and customers who benefit and will benefit from these technologies, which we use with benevolence and awareness.

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