Designing the best infrastructures, architectures and solutions for … Data, Big Data, AI… it’s our DNA !

Why choose our company?

Hurence is an atypical company while remaining extremely professional. We don’t put money at the top of our company values. Above all, we seek that our customers can realize their dreams, their projects at a reasonable cost, especially if their ambitions involve substantial hardware and software infrastructures.

We make full use of open source software to allow achievements at bearable costs for SMEs. It’s often a challenge for our team and it’s a contribution to this creative, passionate and, to some extent, disinterested world of open source software.

At Hurence, we try to preserve a unique know-how which is today owned by employees of a few players. We gladly pass this know-how on through our training. Designing and installing a Big Data or AI infrastructure based on tools that exploit GPUs to reach maximum power and speed, is a quite unique knowledge on the market.

Data and AI Consultancy

We provide our customers with the best tools, quality open source software whenever possible, to help them realize their potential and their projects at unbeatable costs.

Creation of modern data platforms

We create custom platforms for our customers. Depending on whether they are deployed in a cloud, on-premises or hybrid, our selection of tools is adjusted to the best of the context.

Business Insights Apps

We create customer applications from pilot to production. Data requests are linked to the supply of Business indicators, calculation of cohorts, recommendations.

Democratization of Data

Originally, the data lakes we designed were dedicated to fairly advanced developments carried out by our teams. Today Data must be more open to non-technical populations. At the service of the profession and of men.

Data Engineering

Data injection flows are key elements in the operation of applications. On large volumes, “efficient” and “real-time” Data Engineering is an art…

Data Science, Machine Learning and AI

Hurence implements applications and processing based on algorithms and techniques of data science, ML and trains AIs on excessively varied subjects and objects (images, texts).

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