Passion for sport and… nature


The Hurence head office is located 200 meters from the landing strip of the best-known paragliding site in France at the foot of the Dent de Crolles. Every year this site hosts the Icare Cup, a meeting place for paragliders from many countries. Some members of Hurence are passionate about paragliding, this is the case of Jérôme, our operational director, who goes flying during the lunch break.


The Hurence head office is also located 100 meters from the tennis courts made available free of charge to the citizens of LUMBIN. A team from Hurence progresses almost every lunchtime, summer and winter, in mastering forehands, backhands and others.


If it is windy and neither tennis nor paragliding can be practiced, then there is petanque or table football…


This doesn’t concern everyone at Hurence, but we have some climbing greats, and even climbing route openers. Thomas, our CTO likes to open up these new avenues and not just in technology!

Scuba diving

Did you know that Isère is one of the departments with the largest number of scuba diving clubs. At Hurence, we also have great diving enthusiasts who do not hesitate to explore all the seas of the world to meet the nature but… underwater.


Not to mention the employees who come every morning by bike, sometimes from Grenoble and whatever the weather… to train for mountain bike races. Yes we have such crazy people…

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