Laurence Hubert, CEO of Hurence created the company in April 2011 after about a year of incubation. This corresponded to a logical evolution of his professional career after a career in R&D from Cap Gemini Innovation, Xerox (Xerox Research Center Europe) then IBM in Ireland, all interspersed with a few rapid startup and product experiences. Laurence is passionate about natural language processing (NLP/NLU) and therefore about AIs based on LLMs (Large Language Models) or any other material and algorithmic architecture to move towards a real ethical and benevolent intelligence. Laurence is the author of several patents, including the patent on “Pollenizing Documents” which intelligently propagate and share knowledge, registered under the less poetic name of “meta-documents and methods for managing them”, US 7,590,934 B2.

Jerôme Arnou, executive manager of Hurence and operations manager. After studying at ENSIMAG, Jérôme had a brilliant career at SUN Microsystems then Oracle. He joined Hurence in 2017. Like all SUN alumni, he is a supporter of the Java programming language and knows everything about the internal mechanisms of the language, which helps us a lot in certain processing operations on large volumes. But Jérôme is also a customer relationship marked by great benevolence and generosity, seriousness and competence. Our clients are in good hands with Jérôme.

Thomas Bailet, Chief Technology Officer (CTO), is one of the most efficient visionary figures possible. Not only does he project a technological or application future for the company or customers, but above all he very quickly gives substance to this vision by laying the foundations and the first key achievements. Thomas is thus at the origin of Hurence’s greatest successes, such as the LogIsland stream processing tool at the origin of our Web Analytics and Log Mining solutions, Data Historian and many other more confidential things.

Enrico Mano, Product Manager, is the one who carries the future of Hurence in its software editor dimension. With ScoringJoe, our Italian friend, a defector from AMADEUS, realized one of our business dreams: to move from simple consulting – which we always do well – to product design. As with all of us, Enrico is not obsessed with money; he just has the passion to make the best product with the best user experience and with the maximum of innovative ideas.

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