Audit and re-muscle your data flows!

Having data flows that are optimized, efficient and above all that do not take up too many quickly costly computing resources is an obligation. There is nothing worse than depending on the latest transactions on a webshop and the data has not yet arrived for analysis.

This means being able, through a well-conducted audit, to find the problems in these entanglements of data injections and formatting.

Typical improvements will often consist of better configuring streams (add about RAM or CPU) or simplifying them drastically. In the famous diction “which is conceived well is stated clearly” there is something right even for data flows.

Made a few times in the urgency of a business need, they do not hold up in the long term and our job is to audit and review them with the necessary perspective and the know-how of specialized engineers.

Every year, we carry out a large number of audits both on the infrastructures and on the data injection chains. On the latter we often obtain spectacular results through our knowledge of the technologies used. With mastery of settings, cache systems, the order in which data must be joined, classic memory leaks which iteration after iteration destroy processing capacity, classic bottlenecks that we let’s create by forgetting that parallelization is the rule, we can reduce the final processing time to a fragment of what it was originally…

Trust us to trim the fat and re-muscle your flows… of data…

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