Hadoop, remember? We still support it!

Many companies still have Hadoop clusters installed around ten years ago with free licenses. These Hadoop clusters are still key in the company but no more company supporting them at the time agrees to do so when it still exists.

Hurence therefore agrees to do so and is therefore probably the last company in France to provide this support.

The support consists of putting back in place what is malfunctioning, in particular the disks which, after ten years of discontinuous operation, are beginning to become seriously corrupted. We therefore replace them hot most often and therefore without service interruptions.

We reconfigure what needs to be reconfigured and in some cases we make corrections.

Most importantly, we’re starting to make a smooth transition to a new platform, often with new versions of old-school flagship tools still on the rise and adding more modern tools. And until the extinction of the legacy platform. Of course the new platform can be realized in a cloud or on premises, according to the needs and choices because each customer is unique.

If you have a Hadoop cluster and need help sustaining it before transitioning to another platform, call Hurence. We will be able to do what is necessary and preserve your past development capital, as well as your data capital.

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