We are literally the last plumbers of your Big Data and AI infrastructures, especially the very old ones. We audit them, troubleshoot them and pamper them while moving them towards a new future…

As experts in the hardware and software infrastructures necessary for Big Data and AI, Hurence has made a specialty of auditing these installations and troubleshooting them. We hunt for memory allocation problems, dysfunctional configurations that impact performance, faulty hardware (notably disks) etc. Nothing escapes us and we will be able to reassemble a new disk without loss of data and most of the time, with some exceptions, without even any interruption of service. A whole art that very few French companies still possess to this day.

We therefore make your aging but still valiant Hadoop clusters last and we support you in making them transition, while preserving your developments, at very reasonable costs, towards more modern infrastructures.

In the meantime, here again we are committed to supporting these old Hadoop clusters regardless of the distributions installed. We are probably the only company with this unique know-how.

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