Web Analytics data : a source that a modern company must analyze…

Web analytics is the study and analysis of data generated by online activities, such as website visits, clicks, conversions, etc. It collects, measures, analyzes and reports data to understand user behavior and optimize online performance.

The web analytics process begins with data collection using tracking tags placed on web pages (most often via a “Tag Manager”). These tags record visitor actions and send the data to an analytics platform. The collected data is then analyzed using analytics tools to extract valuable insights.

Web analytics offers many benefits and uses for online businesses.

It makes it possible to understand the behavior of users on a website with the pages visited and the time spent on each page, the rebounds (pages considered uninteresting by the visitor), the carts and abandoned carts, and more generally all the actions carried out, etc. This information helps to optimize the user experience and provide more targeted content.

By analyzing web analytics data, businesses can also identify performance issues, such as high bounce rates, inefficient conversion processes, or simply an abandoned cart pricing issue. This allows them to make targeted improvements to optimize their website’s performance and increase conversions.

Web analytics therefore provides objective and quantifiable data. Whether to assess the effectiveness of a marketing campaign, launch new products or adjust business strategies, web analytics data provides key information.

Hurence specializes in everything related to Web Analytics. A pioneer with its open source LogIsland real-time suite, Hurence had published an Open Analytics solution that was also open source as a LogIsland application.

Today, this solution is an integral part of the Saas ScoringJoe platform and allows customers to easily plug in their website and access visitor browsing data to make sense of it. But far beyond the solutions of Hurence make it possible to create the necessary recommendations.

Thus you find at Hurence developers on web analytics engines, a skill well beyond what is usually offered: it is not just a simple support on the flagship tool of a web giant. It is a total control of the capture of your data and their analysis for your specific needs.

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