With the exponential growth of data, it becomes more and more difficult to manage, organize and efficiently exploit these resources. Yet it is essential to ensure the performance of your organization.

Good data governance is essential to ensure the integrity, confidentiality and accessibility of data within your company. In solutions that promote good governance, data catalogs provide a centralized platform where you can record, organize and document all your data sources. This makes it possible to create a single and reliable repository, where teams can easily discover and access the data they need, while respecting security and compliance rules, in particular GDPR rules.

Among other tools, data catalogs will also facilitate, among other things, the democratization of data. The democratization of data is a key factor in fostering innovation and efficiency within your organization. Allowing any public, technical or not, to use data and make sense of it for its activity is an obligation for a modern company. A modern company is also a company that knows how to “disintegrate” the data so that a global vision of the company can emerge and strategic actions can be taken with full knowledge.

Trust Hurence to put in place the best governance tools for you, according to your culture and your existing choices.

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