We are the plumbers of your clusters…rare and so expected…

Whether in the cloud and equipped with managed services, or hosted in data centers on baremetal machines, or even in your own data centers, infrastructures sometimes have problems such as plumbing. Network openings that have been unduly closed on a piece of chain, discs that end up giving up the ghost, configurations that were made with volume in mind but no longer work on scale; it is then necessary to intervene and repair. Not to mention the old installations which are still working but which are reaching the end of their life, no longer supported by anyone except Hurence. Do you have an old Hadoop cluster that still needs to be taken care of? We are here…

We perform audits of your infrastructure, identify problems and troubleshoot what needs to be fixed, in most cases without service interruption.

The performance of your infrastructure can be affected by multiple factors. Most often these will be dysfunctional scan jobs but not always. A bad configuration of your cluster or a lack of disk in places or simply a tool in a version notoriously known to have a memory leak, this is what we will search, seek and find. And we are going to do what needs to be done to put everything back in order in a very minimal time.

Don’t hesitate to contact one of the newest companies that can troubleshoot your old Big Data and AI infrastructures. Like plumbers, we are rare and so appreciated when we intervene quickly and well to help you out.

Whether it’s in the Cloud or not, a software or hardware problem, we will be able to find the problem quickly and we will be able to make the necessary corrections. You will then be free to ask us to develop your infrastructures or even to support them on a daily basis.

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