Sharing is part of our values…

For 12 years we have been training our clients on Big Data and AI. We organize sessions at our clients’ premises on almost all data-related topics (with deep expertise on the specific business of Big Data and on AI).

Most modern data processing tools – in volume or not – in the cloud or not – are included in our training programs. A very wide range for the development of your employees.

Our training sessions are generally done at customers premises in formats that allow monitoring of trainees. We also know how to give these trainings remotely if necessary.

The training is followed by the delivery of a “Hurence” certification. Hurence can definitively claim its expertize in the fields of Big Data and AI especially with respect to open source tools. Therefore we also claim that the Hurence certification is worth another certification. The size of the company does not count ; its reputation does.

At Hurence you will find passionate trainers whose generosity to share is a reflection of the generosity of the company. Of course we need to live and the training is not free but often you will get more out of it than just training. It’s the little extra of the company…

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