Data catalogs: an essential tool for sound management of your data…

Data catalogs are one of the tools of good data governance, particularly in view of the quantity of data that companies must control today. They will allow you to describe your data in terms of metadata; the most powerful will even know how to infer the descriptions of your SQL schemas. They will allow you to describe the properties of these data, their origin and their destination (their access rights).

With data catalogs you can search for data to analyze your business. It is a way of democratizing access to data for uses that are not only technical uses. You can also explicitly tag private data and associate it with the processes necessary for compliance with the GDPR. They will also allow you to check the origin of this data and the successive transformations it may have had: key information for your data scientists.

Hurence supports its clients in setting up data catalogs as part of a rational and flexible management of corporate data.

We use open source tools or commercial tools to equip our customers and help them organize data and reference it in such a way that it can be easily found and used wisely and legally and securely.

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