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We contribute with our means to free software…


A real-time stream processing platform based on Kafka. The use cases of the very efficient platform are real-time log analysis, web analytics and personalization of eCommerce sites, real-time trend and popularity calculations for recommendations, real-time monitoring of industrial production sites and so much more.


LogIsland QuickStarts

Development resources (documentation and tutorials) to get started with LogIsland. Some LogIsland applications are carried out in detail with the necessary configuration files.


Data Historian

Probably the most effective data historian and it’s also free… It has data encoding and compression mechanisms that make it a formula 1 for time series. It will work wonders in your factories to store your sensor data on huge volumes. It has a helm chart for deployment on Kubernetes.


Data Historian exemples

Examples of use of the Data Historian that are fairly classic and fairly representative of the needs around these somewhat specific databases.


OPC simple

A very simple little tool for capturing sensor data from old production machines, therefore in OPC format.


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