A rapid pilot will give shape to your most beautiful ideas…

Knowing how to quickly validate a technical or business idea is important in our world where time to market has no mercy on your best ideas. In this case, Hurence and his team are a valuable ally.

Hurence helps you quickly materialize any idea, no matter how sophisticated. Our teams have the art of isolating the first room of the building and making it real for your customers and employees. This first stone, without a doubt, will not be perfect but it will be the soul of your idea, it will be tangible, reusable and it can be consolidated while generating interest and income.

Here again, Hurence is not throwing things away. We hate that our customers cannot build on our first developments, even if they are labeled Proofs of concept or pilots. We know of few proofs of concept or pilots that have not been put into production. Some have even become flagship applications of the companies we support.

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