it can’t do it anymore…

I just bought a central unit from “my big guy”. A day later, I received a thank you email from the seller who offered me a selection of products to accompany my purchase.

So far, nothing surprising. Except… He offers me other central units.
This appeals to me, especially since it is a major French distribution brand… 🤔

At Hurence we just released #ScoringJoe (
It is a suite of online tools that allows you to do Web Analytics and recommendations.

Imagine offering your customers personalized and relevant recommendations on your marketing campaigns, websites and applications. You’ll make them feel like they have a personal assistant who knows their preferences better than they do! 😎 💼 (or almost…)

Our beta program is open and allows access to all of ScoringJoe’s features, as well as tailor-made assistance and support provided by our development team. And all this, for free!

So come meet us and find out how ScoringJoe will support your digital marketing development!

To join the beta program:
See you soon !


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